Rads: Call for 1st of May

Call for 1st of May

We want to make invisible or unappreciated work visible in times of pandemic on this 1st of May. We want to let people speak who may not be able to go and demonstrate easily, for example, because they have to work. Work also does not simply stop at wage labor. We also want to address invisible care and household work.

Therefore we ask you for short statements. You can also send us drawings or stories to radsisters@riseup.net
For example, tell us about your working and living conditions, what frustrates you and what should change. Tell us how working has changed for you because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In which field do you work?
What 5 keywords would describe your work?
What does your day-to-day work look like since the pandemic? What has changed?
Which 5 keywords describe this change?
What could make your daily work easier now and in the future?
What do you wish for your everyday working life?
5 hashtags for the future: